PRIDE Slam 2022!

June 21, 7:00 p.m.
Flat Burger Society — McKay Street, Pittsfield

There’s that moment. Maybe it swept over you like a wave. Maybe it seeped in gradually over the course of months or years. Maybe you’re still waiting for it, imagining how it will feel when neither you nor the rest of planet Earth can deny its presence.

That moment? It’s when you dared to search down, deep in your core, and discovered…love. Love for yourself and all your talents, flaws, quirks, moods, gifts, and dreams.

Your Pride Story might be about that moment. Or any time before or after that has a bearing on it. It could be about a time you connected with the world in a way that was authentically all you, or you might relate a tale of an accomplishment you could only have achieved with that clear, strong sense of yourself. With your pride.

This is competitive, but the rules are simple:

  • The Story Must Be True
  • The Story Must Have Happened to You
  • You’ll have 5 Minutes
  • You May Not Use Props or Notes

PRIZED for winners sponsored, in part, by:

Flat Burger Society, Pittsfield, Mass.;
and by Braveheart Books, Stephentown, New York.

Please show your appreciation to the venue — remember to tip your friendly, hardworking bartender and waitstaff!

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